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Stay-at-Home & Learn!

Structural Alignment Yoga Therapy Level 1


Together we can do something uplifting for ourselves, learn new skills, while staying-at-home doing our part to help us all get through this pandemic safely and healthy. 

Let's learn and grow together!

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Experience Functional Yoga!

An innovative combo of TRX and Yoga created by Karen Claffey.


Designed as "self-health therapy" to improve bone-density, strength, flexibility, and specifically to address muscle and postural imbalances with functional exercises and yoga postures, incorporating TRX suspension straps. 


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IHYT-Integrated Health Yoga Therapy | Yoga Therapist Training
Integrated Health Manual Therapy & Osteopathy
Integrated Health Manual Therapy & Osteopathy
Integrated Health Manual Therapy & Osteopathy

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