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Anusara Yoga Teacher

100 Hours Anusara Yoga Immersion with Karen Claffey

An important step to becoming a licensed Anusara yoga teacher is participating in the 100 Hours Anusara Yoga Immersion.  The Anusara Immersion with Karen Claffey is an auspicious and life-changing journey. Dive into Anusara’s life-affirming philosophy and magically therapeutic Universal Principles of Alignment™ and discover your supremely authentic self. The Immersion provides a powerful platform for deepening and refining your practices of asana, meditation, pranayama, study and contemplation.

Note: ​​Upon completion of the Anusara Immersion, for those who wish to further their journey as yoga teachers, the next step is the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​All hours of this training, as well as the Immersion, can be applied toward Anusara-Inspired and Anusara yoga certification. ​​


Program Dates

In Hamilton-Stoney Creek:

Curriculum at a glance...

•Anusara Yoga's therapeutic Universal Principles of Alignment 
•Full spectrum of asanas, sun salutations in various styles
•Introduction to Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
•Introduction to Ayurveda, Kundalini & the chakra system
•Yoga anatomy, kinesiology & therapy
•Pranayama, bandhas, meditation, chanting


Our Esteemed Faculty

Graduate's Comments

Dear Karen, I can't thank you enough, you will never know just how much you have helped me in my process of forgiving and healing. Meeting your and learning from you in the incredible training has changed my life. You have given me the tools to really change my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I started this training wanting to be a yoga teacher, now not only am I a yoga teacher I am a whole person again. In my transformation I have also gained better relationships with the people in my life I love and care for. this training is a wonderful growing process and I appreciate all that it has given me. Hugs & gratitude, Namaste Colleen xo
(from graduate of weekend program 2009-10 given in a personal card June 6, 2010)

Karen Claffey is a true yogi, offering up her knowledge of the physical asanas and precise, safe alignment in poses ranging from the beginner level all the way up to the highly advanced in a clear, effective teaching style. The course was a balance between physically demanding work of perfecting our yoga asanas, and spiritual growth fostered through the contemplative and meditative practices of Raja yoga. Karen teaches from her heart. She has a gentleness and softness of heart that inspire students to open and blossom. This heart, combined with a sharp mind and a body at once supple and strong, makes her a model that will inspire me always. Amazing course. Unforgettable. Claire Holden Rothman, Montreal, QC, Massage Therapist, Journalist, Writer, Yoga Teacher

The training was profound. It went beyond any of my expectations. I found a new love for yoga and met people with incredible strength. This training gave me a new perspective not only of yoga but of life itself. Karen you really are an amazing inspirational teacher.
Gemma Waldron, Montreal, QC, Naturopath, Yoga Teacher

This training not only met my expectations but much more. I have learned the "true essence" of yoga. The alignment principles were great for teaching asanas which gave me confidence in teaching them and ensuring safety of my students. But what I found most valuable was all the Yin & Yang, the yoga philosophy, therapeutics, chakras....and extras that taught me so much about yoga and life!
Evelyn Odoefer, Montreal, QC, Reflexology Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Tuition + HST

Price per Part:

•Early Bird Discount with Payment 60 Days Prior: $625 plus HST ($706.25)

    Deposit with registration $150 + HST ($169.50)
    Balance due 1 month prior to 1st day of each Part: $475 + HST ($536.75)

•Regular Price: $675.00 plus HST ($762.75)

    Deposit with registration $150 + HST ($169.50)
    Balance due 1st day of each Part: $525 + HST 68.25 ($593.25)


Special Price for Full 3-Part Immersion:

•​​Early Bird Discount with Payment 60 Days Prior: $1800 plus HST ($2034.00)

    Deposit with registration $150 + HST ($169.50)
    Balance due 1 month prior to 1st day of Part 1: $1650 + HST ($1864.50)

•Regular Price: $1900 plus HST ($2147.00)

    Deposit with registration $150 + HST ($169.50)
    Balance due 1st day of Part 1: $1750 + HST ($1977.50)


Download PDF Application-Registration Form for full details (curriculum, tuition payment methods, prerequisites, homework, accommodations, meals)

Immersion Course Outline

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