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What is the secret to living your best life?


Karen Claffey believes the answer is integrating and creating a healthy balance between 4 main areas of your health and life: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. When all 4 areas of our life are balanced we experience wholeness, unity. 


Host-Founder-Creator, Karen Claffey invites you to join her radio show Integrated Health 4 You to explore these 4 aspects of your health and life and to contribute your experiences and stories of health, healing and living your best life. 


Tune in to IH4Y with Karen and her engaging guests who are leaders in their respective fields of health and wellness. 

"We are not humans trying to be spiritual; we are spirits, Divine beings having a human experience. Health and happiness, love and joy, wealth and abundance is our birthright." ~ Karen Claffey

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