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Structural Alignment Therapy vs Holistic Medical Approach - Part 1

This is a new series based on my discoveries as I make my way through four years of osteopath school.


Firstly, I am giddy with excitement about all this learning and deepening my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and manual therapy.

So far, what I have discovered is, the more in-depth I go into anatomy and physiology, the more I appreciate and understand the therapeutic value of yoga and yoga therapy.

I am perhaps especially eager to see how and why the Universal Principles of Alignment™ of Anusara Yoga as far as biomechanics are so effective. I am also eager to see how the concept that "yoga therapy begins from the inside-out" might be tangilble from a medical-scientific perspective. For readers who are not familiar with the Universal Principles of Alignment, instead of using the UPA terminology I will use common anatomical and/or spiritual terms.

I am deeply grateful I am to all my teachers - past and present.

Looking forward to sharing with you!


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