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​​Experience the healing powers of Bioenergetic Therapy to balance your body at the cellular level physically and energetically.  Bioenergetic Therapy utilizes light manual therapy and energy work which promotes healing, clearing and balancing via the seven energy centers (chakras) along the central channel of the body. 

Bioenergetic Balancing Provides:


  • hands-on-healing that works with your energy field

  • balance and healing to your entire being

  • release of stress on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically

  • healing on the cellular level

  • release of deep tension held in the physical and vibration field of our body, mind and aura

Sessions may include a combination of:


  • gentle manual therapy to induce deep relaxation

  • aura and subtle body (chakra) balancing and cleansing

  • bioenergetic rebuilding if energy is low or stagnant, or if there are empty spaces in the vibrational field

  • aligning and/or realigning the divine core

  • breathing, meditation, and/or visualization

What to Wear


Please dress in something comfortable that is easy to breath and move in such as casual clothing that gives you full range of motion. We recommend wearing clothing such as for exercise or yoga.

​Note: patients are wearing clothing (no oil is applied). We keep our room warm at 78-80 degrees F. In addition we are equipped with blankets to keep you warm if needed. 

Scheduling Policy
  • Appointment changes and cancellations are requested at least 48 hours in advance

  • Cancellations received after 24 hours notice will be charged a cancellation flat-fee of $50 for the session.

Nothing is so healing as the human touch. ~ Bobby Fischer

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