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For Fitness Professionals, Body Workers, Yoga Professionals, and Yoga Teachers/Therapists-in‐training.

In this 3-day 20-hour workshop participants will learn about muscle imbalance based on anatomy and science, and how to address and rehabilitate these imbalances with specific targeted exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to assess, identify and treat muscle imbalances in each other by partnering with fellow participants.

Topics include:

  • How to assess and identify muscle imbalances visually, manually, and through range of motion testing.

  • How to define optimal muscle firing patterns for the upper and lower limbs, including the common dysfunctional patterns.

  • How to establish optimal postural alignment in standing, sitting and functional movements.

  • How to balance and treat muscle imbalances, and sub‐ optimal muscle firing patterns with specific targeted exercises.

Course Dates 

  • tbc


Karen Claffey, DOMP, CYT, E-RYT 500, founder of Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health - Osteopathy Yoga Wellness, and creator of The Lymphatic Balancing Sequence, is a licensed Manual Osteopath, Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in Structural Alignment Therapy and treating clients with specific conditions, as well as a Holistic Health Consultant and doTerra essential oils wellness advocate. 





"Wow! A fabulously "painful" (pun intended😘) learning curve! As yoga teachers we continue to grow, learn & evolve. Though I am not a healing professional, many of our students have questions about their aches, pains & limitations in their practice, to which I want to answer & assist, by being better equipped w/ knowledge & understanding. In Karen Claffey's workshop with her many years of experience, professionally & skillfully provided us the tools to begin to explore our students challenges in their asanas. Mal-alignment, biomechanics of muscle function, muscle dysfunction & how muscular imbalances contribute to a host of problems/injuries were addressed. So much more to learn! Karen has opened the door! And after this weekend, I want to step into that room! I am passionate about creating an environment where yogis of all ages feel welcomed, that they want to come to their mats and practice safely and of course always have fun😘😘" 

~ Linda Emblem, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher

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