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Welcome to Karen Claffey's...

Elevate Your Game.
For Seriously Passionate and Elite Golfers.

Did you know that how you: a) prepare your mind, b) align your spine, c) anchor your stance, and d) how you breathe, can each have a huge impact on your golf swing?

My Guide 4 Golfers clinics do not teach you how to golf. You need to have a well-established golf swing to attend. What I am teaching is how to improve accuracy, consistency, biomechanics, fluidity, power and distance, while reducing risk of injury.

G4G is a refined 4-step mind-body methodology that produces unparalleled performance enhancement. This unique method is unlike anything being taught in any other golf clinics, books and videos.

My Guide 4 Golfers ‘4 Cornerstone Concepts’ are based on a synthesis of science, advanced biomechanics and subtle techniques that elevates neuromusculoskeletal firing patterns - beyond conventional fitness and mindfulness techniques.

Prerequisites to attending a G4G Clinic:

  1. A well-established golf swing.

  2. Being in-tune with your body to be able to feel and implement the techniques. 


In the 4-hour G4G clinic participants will learn how to effectively:

  1. Refine neuromusculoskeletal firing patterns for greater accuracy and distance control.

  2. Enhance state of mind and mental focus for increased clarity and decision making.

  3. Optimize postural biomechanics to safety reduce risk of injury, and facilitates healing past injuries.

  4. Improve stance anchoring and stability for increased leverage, fluidity of movement, power and distance.

G4G Clinics
Hamilton ON Schedule: 


Clinics are on hold for now due to Karen's full osteopathy treatment schedule.

Jupiter FL Schedule: 
  • TBC 


"Awesome Clinic Experience! Using just 4 concepts, Karen, your Guide 4 Golfers has redefined my golf game. Through your mind/body exercises I have a more positive understanding of myself, and my capability both in golf and life. Your body exercises and your knowledge of the human body helped me understand my alignment and optimize my center, stance and posture in golf, in a new way. Then to add, the understanding and practicing of 3-part breaths into my golf game, just topped my experience at your Clinic this past weekend. I am excited to get out and put into practice all you have taught me. Gail Legato"

"Since your clinic I've added 15 to 20 yards on my shots. With driver off the tee my shots used to carry 292, now they carry 310. And on a par 3 that's 165 to 170 yards, depending on the pin position, I used to use a 6 iron into the wind, or 7 iron, and today in the rain I used a 9 iron and it was well over past the green."  DS

"You just hit a great shot and wonder why your body can’t produce the same results every time you swing the club? Karen Claffey's Guide 4 Golfers has captured 4 basic concepts that when applied to your pre-shot routine will put you on the journey of understanding just how to make this a reality." Don Weyrauch


"Thanks so much Karen. Felt like I learned a lot. Can’t wait to put it into my game….one step at a time! Really feel I can use what I learned yesterday in a lot of things I do. Going to put the 4 A’s into my weight training as well. Thanks again." Kathie J.

{This message was received the day after attending the G4G workshop.}

After taking Karen’s 1-day clinic I have to say that it has been most beneficial to my golf game. Understanding the physical content of my axis and alignment has added another part to my golf game that I was not using properly. With the very simple principles that Karen taught me it has changed my swing.….for the better!  Being a yoga student at Karen’s yoga studio I found the attitude and action/ breath part of the class most interesting when applying it to golf. Again such simple principles but when applied properly it’s amazing. It really works. Your breathe and mental state will affect your entire game. (and if I can say affects the game of the group you play with as well, all players seem to have a much calmer game which means much more fun!)  Thanks Karen. Kathie J. 

{This message was received three months after the workshop.}

This year I have taken 10 to 15 shots off my score. My golfing-buddy who also attended the clinic with me last year saw a huge improvement in her game immediately. For me, it took some time to implement each of the 4 concepts. But it has now all finally fallen into place, and my game has changed drastically for the better!  Thanks  again Karen! Kathie J. 

{This message was received 1 year after the workshop.}



  • Group 4-Hour Clinic per person: $395.00 + HST CAD ($446.35) or $395.00 USD

    • Minimum/maximum 4-8 participants​

  • Private 4-Hour Clinic: $1500 + HST CAD ($1695.00)  or  $1695.00 USD

Become a Certified G4G Professional Instructor


Would you like to work with athletes, golfers, fitness-professionals and sports therapists and become a Certified Guide 4 Golfers (CG4G) and/or Certified Yoga 4 Sports (CY4S) Professional Instructor?  

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