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  • The entrance is on the right side of the garage, around the tall cedar hedge.  

  • Please do not ring the door bell.

  • Simply enter and place your outdoor footwear on the shelves, and place your outdoor clothing on the hangers, in the space provided in the entrance area. Click below for Covid-19 entry protocols. 

  • Please make yourself comfortable in the reception area until a staff member arrives to assist you. 

See COVID-19 protocols for staggered entry to maintain physical distance:

Click here for protocols for Osteopathy/Therapy Services​ 


Click for protocols for Yoga Classes

Additional parking is permitted on the south side of the street, in front of our property (please do not block the driveway). 

Parking for Group Yoga Classes & Events: 

South side of the street. 

North side of the street. 

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