This program is designed for health care professionals, and mental health professionals, as well as for yoga professionals with either a 200- or 500-hour certification working towards upgrading their skills and level of certification. It is also open to anyone wanting to incorporate restorative practices into their personal lives and/or work including dedicated yogis, fitness professionals, manual and physical therapists. 

Program Dates


Restorative Yoga ​Teacher Training 35-Hour Level 1


October 24-27, 2019


4 consecutive days Thu-Sun

Registration deadline: Wednesday October 16th

Tuition + HST:

$695 Early Bird Deadline August 15th

$750 After August 15th

Daily Schedule

Thursday and Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Restorative Yoga ​Teaching Essentials 2-Day Workshop


  • The essential elements in a successful restorative yoga practice

  • The science behind restorative yoga and the central nervous system

  • ​Practical teaching experience in a variety of restorative postures

  • Effective use of props

Restorative Yoga ​Teacher Training (4 days) Level 1


  • The science behind restorative yoga and the central nervous system

  • The energy body and its role in restorative yoga

  • The essential elements in a successful restorative yoga practice

  • Effective use of props

  • Sequencing restoratives for therapeutic applications

  • The art of meditation

  • Practical teaching experience


Restorative Yoga Therapeutics for Specific Conditions ​(4 days) Level 2


  • Advanced Restorative Yoga poses

  • Restorative Chair Yoga series

  • Restorative Wall Yoga series

  • Understanding of yoga therapeutics as applied to:

    • Anxiety & Depression

    • Pain Care: arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraines

    • Cancer

    • Movement Disorders (Parkinsons, Distonia) 

    • Injuries & mobility limitations

    • Modifications for  seniors

  • Meditation & visualization techniques as processes for healing

  • Practical teaching experience

​* Prerequisite for Restorative Therapeutics Level 2 is a Level I Restorative Yoga training with Karen Claffey, Tianne Allan, or equivalent with another school/teacher. Please submit name of Restorative Yoga I training program with application.

This training deepens our understanding of the principles of restorative yoga and introduces the application of the restorative yoga practice as a therapeutic process to assist the body’s own healing. You will learn how to recognize and identify different imbalances and conditions in the body. You will learn the mechanisms to support the therapeutic process with restorative yoga poses, breath work and meditations.  You will learn techniques to safely support this transformational process both as a teacher and as a practitioner.

Recommended Reading:

Relax and Renew, by Judith Hanson Lasater

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