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Elevate Your Game.

Karen Claffey's Yoga 4 Sports offers performance enhancing mindfulness techniques, based on a synthesis of science, combined with biomechanically therapeutic alignment principles and yoga techniques that produces unparalleled athletic performance enhancement. Learn sports injury prevention while improving your health and wellbeing. 

Yoga 4 Sports Improves:

  • neuromusculoskeletal firing patterns for greater accuracy and reactivity

  • state of mind and mental focus for greater clarity

  • postural biomechanics to safety reduce risk of injury, and to facilitate healing past injuries

  • stance stability for increased leverage and fluidity of movement

Benefits of Yoga 4 Sports:

  • Mental clarity and increased focus

  • Heightened performance

  • Reduced injuries

  • Improved ability to transform stress​ into positive action

  • Physical strength, flexibility​ and range of motion

  • Overall sense of health and wellbeing​

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