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These programs are open to anyone wanting to incorporate  restorative practices into their work and/or personal lives including serious yoga students, yoga teachers with their 200 or 500-hour certification working towards upgrading their skills and level of certification, as well as for body workers, physical therapists, nurses, and health professionals in the field of body-mind medicine and psychology.


Program Dates


  • Part 1: tbc

  • Part 2: tbc


Daily Schedule


8:00 am-5:00 pm

There will be 1 hour lunch-break at noon, and a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon.


Part 1 Restorative Yoga ​Teacher Training (5 days)


▪ Restorative Yoga practice
▪ Understanding the use of props
▪ Practical teaching experience
▪ Sequencing restoratives for therapeutic applications
▪ The Energy Body
▪ The Central Nervous system
▪ Meditation
▪ Visualizations


​Part 2 Restorative Yoga Therapeutics for Specific Conditions ​(6 days)


▪ Advanced Restorative Yoga poses
▪ Restorative Chair Yoga series
▪ Restorative Wall Yoga series
▪ Understanding of yoga therapeutics as applied to:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Pain Care: arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraines

  • Cancer

  • Movement Disorders (Parkinsons, Distonia) 

  • Injuries & mobility limitations

  • Modifications for  seniors

▪ Meditation & visualization techniques as processes for healing
▪ Practical teaching experience

​* Prerequisite for Restorative Therapeutics Part 2 is a level I Restorative Yoga training

with Tianne Allan, or equivalent with another school/teacher. Please submit name of Restorative Yoga I training program with application.

This training deepens our understanding of the principles of restorative yoga and introduces the application of the restorative yoga practice as a therapeutic process to assist the body’s own healing. You will learn how to recognize and identify different imbalances and conditions in the body. You will learn the mechanisms to support the therapeutic process with restorative yoga poses, breath work and meditations.  You will learn techniques to safely support this transformational process both as a teacher and as a practitioner.

About Tianne Allan

Tianne came to yoga after a long career as a high performance athlete. She brought her passion and commitment as a dedicated athlete to her yoga practice, coming to the mat daily for power yoga practices. Her love of yoga grew and Tianne began teaching. One night, while out for an evening stroll with her dog, Tianne was hit by a car. Her yoga practice changed dramatically. Instead of power yoga flows, it became a practice of healing for body, mind and spirit, of finding peace within the trauma. The experience has been transformative. More >>

Graduate's Comments


Exceeded my expectations. The course material was very well integrated and woven into a beautiful tapestry.  Most helpful for me was the detailed descriptions of each pose plus the hands-on experience. - Allan Anderson

I loved the pace. I feel I have refined my skills and gained new ones to share with my students and clients. She’s gggrrreeaHTT! - Beth Rutty

Hands on learning was really helpful. Appreciated the calm, clear, grounded delivery. - Kathleen Woodington

I was blown away by Tianne’s knowledge and passion for restorative yoga. I loved the training.  I believe that it will allow me to become a more knowledgeable instructor so my students can benefit and find their blissful state. - Kim Ward

The course met my expectations and beyond.  I took it for knowledge reason and feel it has offered my life transformation as well.  I found Tianne’s presence and quality of being very helpful and meaningful, as well as her inviting nature and soft/strong heart.  I also appreciated the experiential learning. Very well rounded program. Tianne is a very gifted and wonderful teacher. - Colin Mathews


Fees including tax
Prices are quoted in CAD



  • ​Part 1:​ $675.00

  • Part 2: ​​$695.00 

  • Special Fee for Parts 1 & 2: $1295.00



Optional Accommodations On-Site​

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