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Fertility, Pregnancy, Post-Natal & Pediatric Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy particularly suitable for women before, during and after their pregnancy. We also offer treatment for your new born baby and children.


Each patient is assessed individually and a treatment plan is tailored to provide gentle relief of symptoms using cranial-sacral and/or musculoskeletal osteopathic techniques.


At Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health we use an integrated approach to healthcare during your pregnancy that may also include specific home-care exercises to relieve your symptoms at home, designed to supplement and maintain your osteopathic care.


Infants and children may also receive Manual Osteopathy treatments ensuring their chances for optimal health and wellness as they grow and develop.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. ~ Osho

Fertility & Pre-conception


Osteopathic treatments for fertility are designed to restore mobility and motility of the reproductive organs, as well as remove potential obstructions that may make conception difficult. Treatments may also be focused on improving spinal and pelvic motion, aligning the posture, and ensuring that the mother is optimally balanced for a healthy pregnancy. Osteopathy may be used in conjunction with medical fertility treatments to improve the outcome for successful conception.


Pregnancy Osteopathy


Pain in pregnancy is common, but not normal, and may be treated effectively. Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy helps to relieve and/or prevent common symptoms, while enabling women to feel relaxed and energetic, and pain-free.


Pregnancy Osteopathy involves specialized techniques in preparation for labor, as well as to relieve typical pregnancy-related pains and conditions, such as backache, sciatica, pelvic pain, breathing restrictions, carpal tunnel, and digestion issues including GERD.


A healthy pregnancy and fetus relies on balanced tension within the uterine wall, and the surrounding connective tissue to ensure that the fetus is floating unimpeded inside the womb. Correcting pelvic position and the mobility of the sacrum is paramount to a smooth delivery.


Postpartum Osteopathy

After giving birth, new mothers may be prone to strains and sprains due to the relaxin hormone still present in the body which causes the ligaments and connective tissue to be more lax.


New moms experience sudden hormonal and physical changes after deliver, including shifts in bodyweight and center of gravity, which can cause additional strains on the body, as well as the postural strains that breast feeding and carrying a baby.


Post-natal osteopathy aims to address the above concerns, which may also include treating pelvic alignment, and in many cases pubic symphysis and pelvic disorders that typically occur due to the birthing process. Treatment includes techniques for the upper torso, chest and diaphragm to address potential lactation issues that may make breast-feeding challenging, including blocked or backed-up milk ducts.


Pediatric Osteopathy

Infant osteopathy is helpful for:

  • infant colic

  • plagiocephaly

  • suckling difficulty

  • torticollis

  • ear-nose-throat conditions


Appointments for infants are typically conducted during the mother’s post-natal appointment(s); however separate appointments may be booked for the infant in cases where additional time is required.

Pediatric appointments are typically 30-minutes in length. 


Pediatric osteopathy is helpful for:

  • learning difficulties

  • ADHD

  • ear-nose-throat issues

  • and other child-hood conditions.


"My new born son's neck was stuck on one side [torticolis] and it did not go away after several days. I brought my son in for a treatment with Karen and his neck was healed and normally aligned by the end of the first treatment." SL

"I originally came to see Karen for my neck and back issues after many years of suffering from a fall. When i filled out my intake form she noticed i had mentioned i have been suffering from ovarian cysts and infertility. She asked if that is why i was going to see her, i said nope but i am now. She worked magic with me. After only a month of seeing her, she was able to tell me why i was getting the cysts and help relieve the cysts, Not to mention, the first fertility treatment (only a month after seeing her) worked for us and i am about to have our little baby Boy!!! I can't praise her enough of how wonderful she has been for me and my ailments!! I truly believe i wouldn't have gotten pregnant soooo quickly if it wasn't from seeing her." Shelby Holand-Letz

"I asked jasmine how her appointment with you was today and she said "great, my back doesn't hurt anymore".  Almost instantly I felt my eyes swell.  So i said "Say that again".  When she repeated it I was so happy I cried in joy!  Jasmine has been diagnosed with chronic pain disorder by the youth chronic pain clinic at McMaster hospital.  We have tried physio, chiropractic, massage and yoga, It has been 6 years since it started. I never thought I would hear her say that she has no pain.  We have been programmed to think she would spend her life "managing" pain. Please keep doing what you are doing. It is life-changing for Jasmine. Thanks so much! Erica 


My 6-year old daughter is in gymnastics and dance, and had ankle pain for many weeks every time she walked and put weight on it. After one treatment there was improvement, and after the second treatment the pain was completely gone. Thank you Karen! "  CD

"My 13-year old son plays competitive basketball most days per week. I brought him to see Karen because his knee was in pain each time when he jumped up and landed. After one treatment his knee was fixed! Karen you are awesome! "  JD

What to Expect

Osteopathic manipulative therapy is aimed at addressing the cause, and letting nature do the rest. Treatments naturally stir up the body's innate healing response. The accumulative healing effect post-treatment may last hours or several days. Also see FAQ's below...

1st Appointment


For the first appointment please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a health questionnaire. First appointment includes: 

  • Patient History Intake Form 

  • Examination and assessment 

  • Initial treatment and treatment plan 


Note to New Patients: Karen's appointment schedule typically books up several weeks in advance. Therefore when booking your first appointment, patients are recommended to book a series of three to four appointments, one week apart. This serves two purposes: a) to secure your appointments in advance, and b) to allow for the most effective outcomes for your treatment. Appointments may be adjusted and spread out as symptoms improve. 


Follow Up Appointments

Depending on the nature of your condition a series of appointments may be required. It may be recommended to meet weekly or bi-weekly and gradually reduce frequency as needed. This allows for further adjustments and modifications as symptoms improve.​

Treatments naturally stir up the body's innate healing response. The accumulative healing effect post-treatment may last hours or several days.  While this is not typical in all cases, there may be discomfort (similar to soreness after a workout) for the first few days post treatment while the body is resetting itself.

What to Wear​


Please wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for ease of breath and movement, such as casual stretchy clothing that gives you full range of motion. For example: a tank top or t-shirt, and either stretchy shorts, yoga pants or tights. Please choose clothing that's not too loose and baggy, so that posture and skeletal structure can be assessed easily.  

What to do 1-3 Days Post-Treatment; Getting the Most From Your Treatments 

It's recommended that within the first 24 hours after a treatment that you do not perform any strenuous activity. The ideal activities during the first 24 hours post-treatment are:

  • Take an Epsom salts bath the same night after a treatment. This draws out lactic acid and reduces post-treatment muscle soreness, just as it does post-workouts. 

  • For exercise, take a leisurely walk. If you already have a yoga practice, keep it gentle and light.



The second and third day its recommended that you resume your normal routine, however still keep it light. If you are accustomed to working out, lower the intensity. Remember, treatments may take three days to settle into the body, and the body continues to adjust itself, and find homeostasis for days after the treatment. We do not want to alter or undo the benefits of the treatment. 

Enjoy treatment on a specially designed pregnancy pillow! 

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