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​​Experience Karen's evolved blend of shiatsu and Thai yoga massage. Depending on the needs of the patient treatment may include more of Shiatsu or Thai, or a blend of both. 

"Be so full of love and light that none of what is going on outside of you can hurt you." ~ Karen Salmansohn

​Shiatsu & Thai Yoga Bodywork Provides


  • ​energy balancing

  • deep release of tension

  • opening of energy lines (meridians)

  • all the deep healing benefits of a yoga practice

  • deep relaxation into the experience

  • equilibrium and centeredness to the entire body, including the
    autonomic nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems



​About This Style of Manual Therapy


  • The treatment is done on a massage mat on the floor

  • Client is clothed in comfortable light clothing-preferably natural fibre material.

  • No oil is applied to the skin. 

  • Application includes palm and thumb pressure along the meridians

  • Gentle stretches or assisted yoga postures may be included according to client's needs. 

  • Stretching sequences (if applicable) are a dance of flowing movements with the client/receiver being passively being moved into stretches




"The best massage I have ever had in my life was from Karen. For many years I have worked in the field of Healing Arts. I am a registered massage therapist and so I know a good massage when I receive one. Karen has been gifted with an amazing ability when it comes to treating her clients through the art of Shiatsu. The Shiatsu treatment I received from Karen was incredible. I have yet to find anyone who can come close to giving a treatment with such love and kindness and, gentle but firm touch. Karen's hands reflect what is in her heart. Thank you Karen. Much love and light from, Linda Burton, Ontario"

What to Wear
  • Shiatsu and Thai yoga massage are done on a massage-mat on the floor

  • Recipients are clothed (no oil is applied)

  • Dress in something light and comfortable that is easy to breath and move in such as casual clothing that gives you full range of motion.  ​We recommend wearing clothing such as for exercise: a tank top or t-shirt; and shorts, yoga pants or tights.

  • We keep the room comfortably warm at 76 degrees F.  In addition we are equipped with covers and blankets for additional warmth as needed.


​Scheduling Policy


  • Appointment changes and cancellations are requested at least 48 hours in advance

  • Cancellations received after 24 hours notice will be charged a cancellation flat-fee of $50 for the session.


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