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Structural Alignment Rehab Therapy is exercise based on advanced biomechanical and yoga therapeutic techniques, that is specifically tailored to each patients condition.

Structural Alignment Rehab Therapy may be effective for the following conditions: 

  • Back pain

  • Elbow pain including repetitive stress conditions such as Golfer’s/Tennis Elbow 

  • Fallen arches/flat feet, plantar fasciitis

  • Forward head posture

  • Headaches

  • Hip pain

  • Knock-knees, bow-legs, hyperextended knees

  • Knee pain from surgery, injury, or muscle tension

  • Neck pain including whiplash injuries

  • Rehab post orthopedic surgery

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder pain including rotator cuff injuries

  • Spinal issues, scoliosis

  • TMJ

  • Vertigo

  • Wrist pain including Carpel Tunnel Syndrome


Many patients go from pain to pain-free in the first session. This depends entirely upon the nature and severity of your condition. For injuries of a more serious nature, or for deep-seated and long-standing patterns of postural misalignment, a series of sessions may be required.

Sessions Include​:


  • postural and movement assessment

  • specifically targeted exercises incorporating Therapeutic Alignment Principles 

  • manual adjustments 

  • specialized home-care exercises


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen for many years and in various capacities. I have personally benefitted from her wonderful skills as a massage therapist, energetic healer, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and most recently as an osteopath (in training). She has a wonderful innate ability to help her clients heal, is a terrific teacher, and pursues her dharma of service with passion, patience and humour. I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of being her student and patient."  ~ Diana Perez, Physiotherapist B.Sc. P.T.; M.Sc. Rehabilitation Science; RYT 200

"Karen, Thank you so much for the session, and your kindness, I slept so well, and my pain, and worry went a way. So much appreciated the gift that you offer to heal me, listen to me, and make me feel better, also you give me hope. This make me so happy Karen! YOU'RE MY ANGEL! I appreciate you very much! With love!!  

[ I have withheld this clients name. This client had a car accident in the summer of 2008 and was unable to walk. When she first came to me in the spring of 2009 she had been through months of physio and was now able to walk without a cane. However she was in so much constant pain that she had not slept in months, and had become severely depressed to the point of attempting suicide twice. In one Structural Alignment Therapy session she was cleared of pain, and then next day reported to me that she finally slept for the first time in months.]


"Karen and her therapeutic techniques helped me greatly. She has completely taken my pain away on two occasions. The first time several years ago I had so much pain in my wrist that I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who advised me not use my hand for 3 months. When I saw Karen she completely removed the pain in one session. The second time I pulled a muscle in my calf and for several months was forced to stop jogging and playing tennis due to the pain. I also felt the pain when I practiced yoga and had to modify my poses during this period. In two appointments with Karen she completely released the pain and taught me how to focus on aligning myself. Now I am so happy to be back to my regular activities, running, playing tennis and doing yoga again absolutely pain-free! Sometimes I cannot believe it! I highly recommend Karen." M.M. Wife and mother, athlete, yoga teacher, family business owner


​Scheduling Policy​
  • Appointment changes and cancellations are requested at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Cancellations received after 24 hours notice will be charged in full for the session.

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