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Upon successful completion of the 300-Hour Level 1 Yoga Therapist Training Program participants are eligible to pursue the 500-Hour Level 2 Program and complete their 800-Hour Certification

500-Hour Level 2 Course-Modules
Optional Specialty Training Beyond 500 Hours

Graduate's Comments

"I just completed my RYT-500 hrs teaching training/yoga therapy back in January this year [2014] in Hamilton and this training is great.  I did a lot of research prior signing up for this program and I am so glad I did this training and not others.  I highly recommend this program to you all." - Cecilia Lau, Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Vancouver BC


"I just want to thank you for offering everything you do...I think you are doing a superb job at helping create authentic, informed and strong yoga therapists!!  So far the yoga therapy trainings have opened myself and my career into areas that I thought were only possible through university schooling... so I'm really thankful to have found a path that allows me to help people in a holistic way and again thank you for continuing to offer and develop your yoga therapy training(s)." Natalie Rocheleau, 2013


​"I must say firstly Karen, Thank-you for being a memorable mentor & teacher. By spreading my learning adventure over an extended period of time allowed me to digest the knowledge acquired each session & discover where it fits into my teachings. For me this has proven to be the best, most effective learning tool. I honestly use the knowledge gained each session within days of returning home because I am so curious to see the impact." Heather Clarke, Rehabilitation Therapist, 2013.​


"Dear Karen, First, I'd like to say that it has taken me most of this year to realize just how much I learned and grew from the training last summer. Thank you for that most awesome experience. One of the surprising things that has resulted is that I now have a flourishing small Yoga Therapy business. I was really doing the course for personal reasons. But when I did the practicum [3 clients] that I sent to you as part of my homework, one person recommended another. And so on. I have been involved with different clients on a continuous basis ever since, and I find it incredibly rewarding. Thank you. Namaste, Ella" - Ella Ferland 2011​


“The course exceeded my expectations! Absolutely great presentations, highly specific and complete information. Karen’s knowledge of structural yoga therapy is broad and refined. This course was so completely useful, well designed and covered so many related modalities; I think it’s a suburb model for yoga therapy training...” - Daniel Clement, Yoga Teacher Trainer, 2009

"Karen my dear, I wanted to say thank you again for your incredible teaching and the incredible teaching of the Neil and Jnani and Kaoverii too. I feel so blessed to have been able to participle in such great learning!!!! Love you... Beth oxoxox - Beth Rutty, Graghic Artist, Yoga Teacher 2011

"I love Yoga Therapy. I am thrilled at how effective it is in helping all kinds of conditions. The client I saw last week for anxiety and depression says he slept well for the first time this weekend- yeah! Physical, mental, emotional conditions- yoga therapy is such a gift!" - Tianne Allen, 2009

“This month was one of the best months of my life. One month full of joy, learning, growing.” - FF, 2009.

“I learned a tremendous amount from watching Karen; her presence, gentleness and knowledge was wonderful modeling. She has an attitude of acceptance and focus on details and learning.” - Michele Roy, 2009



Optional Accommodations On-Site


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