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1000-Hour Yoga Therapist Professional Certification for RYT-200'S

This program is currently on hold. If/when we resume offering it we will send out a newsletter. ​ 

Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health Yoga Therapy is a leader in the field of therapeutic yoga.


With an international faculty of diverse professionals, we combine the best of science and yoga.


With Yoga Therapy becoming more utilized and recognized in the scientific community, we look forward to helping you learn and integrate Yoga Therapy into your current practice.


Our comprehensive curriculum prepares students for a rewarding career as a competent and skilled yoga therapist.

IAYT Accreditation: 

In October 2018 I decided to discontinue with the IAYT accreditation process. Why? 

I had to put the accreditation process on hold while pursuing my osteopathy license from 2014-2018. However once I graduated, I had a bit more time to delve into the process again.

When I was informed that additional fees would be due to continue the process, I decided to take stock and considered the pros and cons of going forward with the IAYT accreditation process.

First of all, the membership fees are expensive; which made me pause to question the "value" of having IAYT accreditation. 

In my opinion, the only value is that IAYT have positioned themselves as the "standard setters" for yoga therapy schools, and yoga therapists. And knowing that a school or therapist is IAYT accredited gives those of us in the industry recognition.


However, beyond the small percentage of the population who are aware of IAYT, (even in the yoga industry many have no clue what IAYT is); and beyond those letters after our name, there is no other value professionally speaking. When I say value, I am referring to that fact that being IAYT certified: a) does not increase our ability to provide services to our community - we can be of service with or without a certificate - and/or b) IAYT certification does not provide a billing number for insurance coverage to our clients.

Even if IAYT eventually is successful in getting yoga therapy recognized in the USA as a "profession" by the powers that be: the government - which will vary from state to state, it could be decades, if ever, before we in are able to offer insurance coverage to our clients. And this is even more questionable and a longer term prospect for Canadians.

Meanwhile, what we continue to offer is our highest standard of program that we have always prided ourselves on offering. And there is a certificate upon graduation, that is valuable in its own right.

The 800-Hour Program is offered in 2 Levels: 


Prerequisite: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and 1 year teaching experience private and group classes prior to attending Level 1. 

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