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Learn to give deep tissue release, relaxation and profound healing benefits to your recipients.

Both of Karen’s Shiatsu & Thai Yoga Bodywork workshops include essential elements of Structural Alignment Therapy, making the techniques biomechanically safer, and more therapeutically specific.

  • Part 1 Shiatsu focus involves palm and thumb pressure based on Ohashi's meridian system.

  • Part 2 Thai yoga bodywork focus involves palm pressure and passive yoga-based stretches.


The duration of each part is 4 days (2 weekends Sat-Sun).


In each workshop participants will learn a complete repertoire of treatment sequences that equal about 2 hours (per part, or about 4 hours for both parts).

Participants may take only Part 1 or Part 2, or both. If you plan to attend both, it is recommended (but not mandatory) to complete Part 1 first. 


Each part offers a comprehensive methodology that stands-alone as a complete treatment in itself, or can be used in conjunction with other forms of bodywork. 

This program is suitable for anyone wanting to learn therapeutic bodywork, as well as for bodyworkers, RMTs, Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Therapists. No prior experience necessary.

Shiatsu Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork

2017 Course Dates​

Shiatsu Bodywork: 

  • March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019 

  • 5 consecutive Sundays: 9 am - 5 pm

Thai Yoga Bodywork: 

  • Sept 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, 2019 

  • 5 consecutive Sundays: 9 am - 5 pm

CMTO Approved

50 CEU's or 25 per Part

IHOMT-WS Manual Therapy.jpg
Curriculum & Schedule

Shiatsu Bodywork (Part 1)

  • Oriental philosophy as a foundation for holistic bodywork

  • Shiatsu and manual therapy foundation techniques

  • Seated, supine, side-lying and prone sequences 

  • ​Sequences for pregnancy

  • Meridian pathways based on Ohashi's meridian system

  • Use of props to modify the practice

  • Experience working on teacher w/ teacher’s feedback


40 contact hours. Certificate requires an additional 10 hours practicum of documented patient-treatments. 

Thai Yoga Bodywork (Part 2) 


  • Thai yoga bodywork techniques

  • Seated, supine, side-lying and prone sequences 

  • Sequences for pregnancy

  • Use of props to modify the practice

  • Experience working on teacher w/ teacher’s feedback


40 contact hours. Certificate requires an additional 10 hours practicum of documented patient-treatments




  • Friday 1:00-7:00 pm

  • Saturday 11:00 am-6:00 pm

  • Sunday 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Manual Therapy for Specific Conditions | Level 2 


  • Meridian pathways correlations to physical, mental, and spiritual health 

  • Marma/pressure points for therapeutic applications

  • Ayurvedic Doshic modifications in the manual therapy 

  • Adjusting for different client's needs and health conditions

  • Refining manual therapy sequences and techniques

  • Therapeutic manual adjustments to address issues due to postural imbalances and/or repetitve stress

  • Incorporating Structural & Subtle Therapeutic Alignment into the manual therapy sequences and techniques

  • Experience working on volunteer clients w/ teacher’s guidance


80 Program Hours: 63 contact hours plus 17 hours post-training home-study practicum. 

Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2 must be attended prior to attending Level 3. 







​"Karen your manual therapeutics course is amazing!  You are so gifted in your understanding of the human body, you are the perfect teacher for such an art.  I love that in your course I learned to effectively give massage to my clients and I not only learned about the physical aspects of massage, but also the emotional and spiritual facets.  I was able to begin treating clients the same week I returned home from the course.  My clients love the massage and offer both repeat business and referrals.  I really did love the course so much...and more than that, I love how many people I’ve helped feel more relaxed since then.  Even just the other day, my husband was putting up our Christmas tree and ended up with a sore neck, and I was able to help get rid of the pain within 5 minutes!  Something like that would usually plague him for days.  Thank you again, Karen!  Wendy Pelletier


"The best massage I have ever received in my life was from Karen. For many years I have worked in the field of Healing Arts. I am a registered massage therapist and so I know a good massage when I receive one. Karen has been gifted with an amazing ability when it comes to treating her clients through the art of Shiatsu. The Shiatsu treatment I received from Karen was incredible. I have yet to find anyone who can come close to giving a treatment with such love and kindness and, gentle but firm touch. Karen’s hands reflect what is in her heart. Thank you Karen. Much love and light from, Linda Burton" 

“I am so thrilled to have just completed Karen’s Manual therapy course. The combination of Shiatsu and Thai Yoga, as well as her knowledge of the Universal Principles of Anusara certainly make this course unique...has loads of value-added!! I work one-on-one with clients with Yoga Therapy and have been able to so easily add these skills to my toolbox to serve them in the highest way.” Beth Rutty, RYT500


I learned so much and felt like everything came together really well on the last day. I tried some lower body sequences on my husband last night (FINALLY) and he LOVED it! :) I'm really looking forward to Level 2! Melissa McGeoch, RMT


This course met my expectations and more so. My intention was to learn about manual therapy and how to incorporate into my yoga teaching, my confidence in touching and working is much better? The information was presented in a clear and effective manner, and the repetitive format was great also. The humor and relaxed attitude was encouraging and nurturing (also loved the sound effects). The parts of the training that were most helpful, meaningful and effective was working on earth other as we got to feel and understand how the various treatments actually feel. Loved the morning Do-In and yoga class with emphasis on being able to do the many transitions. I really enjoyed the course it was rich in information and was present in a lovely, joyful, yet professional manner. I look forward to level 2. Ildiko Prelak, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist


"Hi Karen, Just a follow-up on the manual therapy training and how it helped me! I did have volunteers to practice on this summer and early in the fall. Most people said that they really loved the approach. I had one participant to whom I did the hara points. At the time I could sense that her heart beats were not normal. I asked her to see her physician. Effectively, the physician concluded that she needed to be monitored. My participant came to me last week and said that she appreciated the fact that I sent her for a medical exam. What you said is right. We have to remain in contact with the receiver. I just wanted to share with you how good it feels to be able to help thanks to your approach." Louise Tourigny (Wisconsin), 2015


Tuition Fees in CAD Including Tax


  • Per Part $650.00​

  • Parts 1 and 2 Special Price: $1200 (Save $100!)

Tuition includes course handouts/training manual. 


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