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Chakra Mantra & Chakra Poem


By Karen Heaven Claffey

I am grounded and stable,

I am peaceful and calm with creative potential,

I am confident and powerful,

I am loving and compassionate,

I am expressive and truthful,

I am intelligent and intuitive,

I am whole and divine.


By Karen Heaven Claffey

Upon the stillness of my earthly abode,

My mirrored-lake is peaceful and potent,

Over the horizon my radiant sun rises,

And lights up my sky with love,

Radiant joy expands into my ethers with the light of truth,

And transcends into my illumined perception,

Crowned by the inner-knowing of my divinity.

In July 2010 I had to call 911 for the first time in my life – Mom was having a life-threatening heart afib episode. In the hospital emergency room I had continue pain in my left hip from the emotional trauma. (Thank God today she is fine and continues to be healthy and happy.) But at the time of the incident, sitting by her bedside, waiting for her heart to slow down to an acceptable rate before she could be released from the hospital, I needed to calm myself down and stay connected to a safe space in my heart and mind. I prayed constantly, and my prayers turned into the mantra, and the poem.


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