Post-Double Mastectomy and Lymph Node Disection Surgical Scar Tissue, and Lymphodema Relieved with C

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Client Info

Age: 58

Occupation: Corporate Management, and Yoga Teacher

Exercise / Type and Frequency: yoga 2 x weekly, walking.

Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Provider: physiotherapist-lymphedema specialist.

Pain Frequency: Pain in ribs, especially left side, and pain in the left armpit with certain movements, and when attempting to lift arm above shoulder.

Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents & Dates: MVA at age 16, no serious injuries at the time, but had a neck spasm a couple of months after the accident that sent patient to the hospital.

Surgeries & Dates:

  • Age 7 - Adenoidectomy

  • Age 25 - Several months after son was born patients menstruation became extremely heavy; at one point bleeding wouldn't stop for weeks so the physician did a D&C and during the procedure the uterus was punctured, and they discovered extensive scarring from endometriosis, and pelvic inflammatory disease due to an IUD, which they removed. Patient was admitted for one week and put on antibiotics. Subsequently was told conceiving another child would be very difficult.

  • Age 29 - had an ectopic pregnancy and required a laparotomy (~6" incision abdominally to remove the fetus).

  • Age 30 - had another ectopic pregnancy and same surgery again.

  • Later that year had a Bilateral tuboplasty - purpose of this surgery was to remove scar tissue from inside Fallopian tubes (went into the same incision /this was the third time)..

  • A few months later another ectopic pregnancy; this time the surgeons used an evolved method through laparoscopy instead - 3 small incisions instead of one large.