Sciatica of 10 Years Relieved in 2 Treatments

Client Info

Age: 52

Occupation: Corporate Management Desk Job

Exercise / Type and Frequency: daily swimming, walking, occasional yoga

Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Providerr: Chiropractic 2 x per month

Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: Sciatica since 10 years, but worsened in last 3 years after falling down stairs and landing on pelvis.

Associated Symptoms: Low back pain. Neck and shoulder tension since 5 years; right shoulder tension and stiff neck, with some neck tension on left

Frequency: Constant pain. Wakes up at night in pain at least 3 x per week.

Aggravation: pain worse with sitting/driving in traffic.

Radiation: Pain radiates from right buttock down leg along outer calf and foot.

Pain Scale: pelvis sacral area 6-10

Relief: Tylenol, when acute chiro gives temporary relief, forward bends feel good.

Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents & Dates: 3 years ago fell down stairs and landed on sacrum, also resulted in bulging discs at L4 - L5

Surgeries & Dates: none

1st Appointment


  1. Standing Forward Flexion: (-) produced no pain.

  2. Supine Leg Raise Test: (+) produced pain at 60 degrees elevation in right buttock, with no radiation down the leg.

  3. Manual direct pressure on lumbar vertebra spinous processes and transverse processes: (-) produced no pain.

  4. Manual direct pressure on pelvis and sacrum: (+) produced pain at right and left sacroiliac joints, and right and left S2-S4.

Treatment Techniques: