Structural Alignment Therapy vs Holistic Medical Approach - Part 3 / FREE Webinars!

September is "back to school" time! This was something I utterly dreaded to the core of my being back in my elementary and high school years. Now its something I relish as I enter my third year of osteopathy school.

Its fascinating learning medical level anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. The more I learn, the more I appreciate the ground-breaking field of yoga therapy, specifically in this case the Universal Principles of Alignment™ (UPA's).

The UPA's is a unique methodology of aligning the body-mind that incorporates the physical (anatomical, biomechanical) with the magnificence of the human spirit (spiritual).

Over the past ten or so years I've applied these principles and techniques and have been instrumental in assisting many clients and students to go from pain, to pain free. Sometimes instantaneously. Many of those cases involved people who had experienced years of post-surgical or post-injury pain and limitation, which was completely transformed utilizing a combination of specifically tailored yoga postures, manual adjustments and verbal cues.

Of all the hundreds of cases, there has been less than a handful where I was left scratching my head, not knowing how to help someone.

The desire to learn more, to be able to serve more people, is what inspired me to attend osteopathy school.

In osteopathy there is a great emphasis and requirement to understand how the body works anatomically, biomechanically, and physiologically. But because I filter everything through a holistic lens based on my many years in macrobiotics and yoga therapy including the UPA's, I am always keen to see where the science supports the subtle, and vice versa.

I have discovered, and am happy and confident to report that anatomically, biomechanically, and physiologically speaking, the UPA's are an absolutely ideal and highly refined method to bring the body towards optimal alignment.

I have come to another fascinating discovery.

In the world of yoga therapy, specifically Structural Yoga Therapeutics and the UPA's, we have seen many people transform: flat feet, hyper-extended knees, knock-knees, bow legs, and scoliosis. Not just relieving the discomfort associated with these conditions, or making a slight shift - but absolutely literally transforming their skeletal structure towards a completely new optimal pattern. Not overnight, but over time.

Here's the fascinating part: Medically speaking, there is no cure for flat feet, hyper-extended knees, knock-knees, bow legs, and scoliosis - other than bracing, orthotics and/or surgery.

Osteopathy's perspective on this is slightly more encouraging. Osteopathically speaking there is no "claim" to be able to "cure" any of these conditions. The profession does recognize that with manual manipulation supported by additional home-care exercises there can be some relief, and some marginal shift in the structure. But not a complete shift.

This makes our knowledge of Structural Alignment Yoga Thera