Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Relieved in Series of Treatments (no boot or medication required)

Client Info

Age: 58

Occupation: Corporate Management

Exercise / Type and Frequency: yoga 2 x weekly, gym workouts 3 x weekly, walking/hiking, summer golf 2 x weekly

Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Provider: none.

Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: Plantar Fascitis at the base of the right heel.

Frequency: Painful to stand and bear weight, painful during walking especially when golfing. Patient reported that this pain feels similar to 30 years ago when they used to be a fitness instructor and taught step classes.

Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents & Dates: N/A

Surgeries & Dates: N/A

1st Appointment


Standing Forward Flexion: (-) produced no pain. Manual direct pressure on heel near anterior-medial portion of calcaneas bone: (+) produced pain.

Manual direct pressure on posterior calves and Achilles tendon: (+) tenderness with deep pressure.

Manual direct pressure on hamstrings, lumbar, pelvis and sacrum: (-) produced no pain. However during treatment I discovered one specific point on the hamstrings that radiated directly to the tender point on the plantar fascia, signifying a myofascial tension pattern that is affecting the posterior chain.

Manual direct pressure on pelvis and sacrum: (+) produced mild to moderate tenderness with deep pressure on points around sacroiliac joints.

Treatment Techniques: