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I have a question for you: one of my older client had an injury as a child and got surgery done on the elbow. He is now an older man, and there's osteoarthritis in the arm. His right arm does not straighten as a result of bones spurs growing at the end of the humerus bone. Here are the conc;usions from XRay and CT

Severe osteoarthritic narrowing is seen between the radius and humerus and there is bony irregularity at the anterior olecranon and there is some suggestion of bony ossicle formation seen in the antecubital fossa and in the medial aspect of the ulnohumeral joint.

The reason I wanted talk to you is that I remember in one of our classes, you memtioned that you have helped people with bunions, and I'm wondering if there would be something you would suggest for him to try and reverse the process without resorting to surgery.

Claudine LaRochelle, RYT


To your question about the older client, medically speaking: there is not a lot we can do once the joint has changed due to osteoarthritis. That said, I am one to think outside of the confines of the medical model and always aim for the what might be possible....so if this client is diligent and will do:

1. anti-inflammatory diet

2. shoulder and arm mobilisation exercises - these are to be done with Shoulder Loop integration, and only to the point of where there is no pain.

3. Shoulder Loop strengthening exercises

...then he can at the very least delay the progression, and at best perhaps reverse some of the effects.

What is Shoulder Loop?

There are 5 Actions of Shoulder Loop:

1. Inhale: expand the inner body (fill the inner body with light and Gratitude) / lengthen the side-body

2. Exhale: draw the heads of the humerus back

3. Externally rotate the upper-arms

4. Internally rotate the forearms

5. Inhale: expand evenly all around; exhale and soften.

The Affects of Shoulder Loop: