Debilitating Leg Pain Relieved in Series of Treatments

Client Info

Age: 20

Occupation: Student, Junior Football player (linebacker), part-time farm worker

Exercise / Type and Frequency: football training, gym workouts

Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Provider: physio previously, but had no relief of symptoms.

Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: pain in right Achilles tendon, shin/calf and knee

Frequency: For the past three months its painful to stand and bear weight, painful during walking, and is woken up at night with pain in the calf.

Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents & Dates: N/A

Surgeries & Dates: N/A

1st Appointment


Standing Forward Flexion: (-) produced no pain in area of complaint, however feels tightness at the back of the legs. Manual direct pressure on posterior calves and Achilles tendon: (+) tenderness with deep pressure.

Manual direct pressure on hamstrings, lumbar, pelvis and sacrum: (-) produced no pain.

Manual direct pressure on pelvis and sacrum: (-) produced no pain.

Treatment Techniques: