Happy Easter and Spring Greetings!

Dear Friends and Fellow-Yoga Therapy Enthusiasts,

Happy Easter and Spring Greetings!

Are you like me? Are you constantly thinking of how to improve and grow, personally and professionally? Are you not afraid to try new things? More of a blazer of trails than a follower of trends?

It’s not that I get bored with the status quo. It’s just that when I reach a point where I feel like I am not growing, I need to shake things up and make life interesting. I definitely honor stability and tradition. Tradition is valuable, as long as there is still space for improvements and refinements along the way. After all, growth is dependent on strong roots, and even roots need to spread out and deepen as nature and time dictates.

I am excited about the incredible amount of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology I have learned in the last 6 months at osteopath school. I am eager to share some of this knowledge and incorprate it into my programs. I have already revised the Manual Therapy Training and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. I am working on important changes for the Structural Alignment Therapist, and Yoga Therapist Training programs.

With this I am pleased to announce new developments that are springing up at Heaven on Earth!

I have revamped the Structural Alignment Manual Therapy Training program. Originally this program was a combination of the Structural Alignment Therapy and the Manual Therapy trainings.

I have decided to expand and split the Structural Alignment Therapy into two dedicated programs:

1. Structural Alignment Manual Therapist Training (SAMT) - tailored to bodyworkers who do not necessarily know or teach yoga.

2. Structural Alignment Yoga Therapist Training (SAYT) - tailored to yoga teachers and yoga therapists who do not have a bodywork background and/or do not wish to include a lot hands-on work in their practice (there will still be some basic/essential hands-on work).

The Manual Therapy Training program stands alone as its own modality. It is a comprehensive and effective practice that provides hands-on-healing combining meridian therapy with general musculo-skeletal balancing.

SAMT is for those who would like to learn how to incorporate functional anatomy, biomechanics and physiology specifically for manual therapy, as well as therapeutic alignment principles, and therapeutic adjustments for common and specific issues into their bodywork.

SAYT is for those who would like to learn how to incorporate functional anatomy, biomechanics and physiology specifically for yoga therapy, therapeutic alignment principles, therapeutic yoga postures and specially designed exercises for common and s