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Time Marches On (Poem)


By Karen Heaven Claffey

Time marches on

Stopping for no one;

Moving slowly or quickly at will.

Hours pass excruciating and sluggish at times,

Flowing and fleeting at others.

Even days safely suspended in sameness slip us by.

Do you welcome life with joyful anticipation of what is yet to come?

Or perhaps keep yourself in a state of acceptance, resigned contentment?

Maybe, and not always, you are being dragged, heels dug in, pushing back the unknown, clinging to what was.

Look outside - hours turn into weeks, weeks into seasons…

seasons into ephemeral epochs, into eternity.

Look inside - how you feel, think and perceive the world has altered, with each countless preciously selected experience.

Look in the mirror with self-love and reverence - and know this is true.

The only thing constant in time is change.

Move with it and be at peace,

Or resist it and risk stagnation, and possible suffering.

This is your choice.

You have the power

To mold yourself within your God-given time.

Be still and contemplate the mystery and treasure of this moment,

There is space and light between your thoughts.

Open your eyes and heart!

Rejoice in the magnificent beauty and magic all around you.

Bow deeply in humble gratitude to the soon-passing gift of now.


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