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Structural Alignment Therapy vs Holistic Medical Approach - Part 2

Heaven on Earth & Integrated Health is a series based on my discoveries as I make my way through four years of osteopath school; after which I will have the designation: D.O.M.P. (Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Practice)

After completing my first year of four at the CAO (Oct 2014-June 2015), I have switched to a different school in Mississauga: The Southern Ontario School of Osteopathy (Sept 2015-2018).

The SOCO curriculum, in my opinion (and the opinion of about a dozen other fellow-classmates who also switched from CAO to SOCO), offers greater depth and detail in:

- osteopathic theory and principles

- assessment skills

- and most importantly, osteopathic treatment protocols and techniques

Furthermore, the experience working in clinic at SOCO is unsurpassed. We are directly mentored by Dr. Igor and/or Jessica, both highly skilled and knowledgeable professors. And we are able to sit in and observe them treating their private patients.

I do not regret attending the first year at the CAO as it provided a very good base of anatomy and physiology that will serve me going forward at SOCO.

I have created a new division devoted to manual therapy launching January 2016: Integrated Health Osteopathy & Manual Therapy


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