Chronic Foot Pain from Osteoarthritis and Multiple Metatarsal Fractures Relieved in 1 Treatment

Client Info Age: 33 Occupation: Forestry Management Exercise / Type and Frequency: walks dog 3 x daily Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Provider: Medical Specialist informed patient that he could no longer do anything for their condition. Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: Diagnosed with osteoarthritis pain in both feet and ankles. Patient had pain in both feet for months, and kept going to the doctor. X-rays did not show anything out of the ordinary. Eventually with persistence the patient was sent to a specialist who did imaging with die. The patient had fractured the 3rd metatarsal. However, the factures happened to both feet multiple times. Each time the cast came off

Shoulder Pain and Limited Range of Motion Relieved in 1st Treatment

Client Info Age: 62 Occupation: Retired Engineer, Former Pro Football Player Exercise / Type and Frequency: daily walking, summer golf 2 x weekly [ This patient is very fit, however lacks flexibility. ] Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Provider: none. Had Active Release Technique (ART) 12 years ago. Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: Shoulder pain right and left, greater on left, range of motion of left shoulder limited (cannot lift arm above shoulder height). Frequency: Pain when swinging golf club, and when attempting to lift arm above shoulder. Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents & Dates: Tore shoulder muscles in late teens playing football. Right long-head of biceps

Sciatica of 10 Years Relieved in 2 Treatments

Client Info Age: 52 Occupation: Corporate Management Desk Job Exercise / Type and Frequency: daily swimming, walking, occasional yoga Currently Receiving Treatment from Another Health Care Providerr: Chiropractic 2 x per month Reason(s) for Seeking Treatment: Sciatica since 10 years, but worsened in last 3 years after falling down stairs and landing on pelvis. Associated Symptoms: Low back pain. Neck and shoulder tension since 5 years; right shoulder tension and stiff neck, with some neck tension on left Frequency: Constant pain. Wakes up at night in pain at least 3 x per week. Aggravation: pain worse with sitting/driving in traffic. Radiation: Pain radiates from right buttock down leg along

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