Structural Alignment Therapy vs Holistic Medical Approach - Part 1

This is a new series based on my discoveries as I make my way through four years of osteopath school. ​​ Firstly, I am giddy with excitement about all this learning and deepening my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and manual therapy. So far, what I have discovered is, the more in-depth I go into anatomy and physiology, the more I appreciate and understand the therapeutic value of yoga and yoga therapy. I am perhaps especially eager to see how and why the Universal Principles of Alignment™ of Anusara Yoga as far as biomechanics are so effective. I am also eager to see how the concept that "yoga therapy begins from the inside-out" might be tangilble from a medical-scientific perspective. For

Chakra Mantra & Chakra Poem

CHAKRA MANTRA By Karen Heaven Claffey I am grounded and stable, I am peaceful and calm with creative potential, I am confident and powerful, I am loving and compassionate, I am expressive and truthful, I am intelligent and intuitive, I am whole and divine. CHAKRA POEM By Karen Heaven Claffey Upon the stillness of my earthly abode, My mirrored-lake is peaceful and potent, Over the horizon my radiant sun rises, And lights up my sky with love, Radiant joy expands into my ethers with the light of truth, And transcends into my illumined perception, Crowned by the inner-knowing of my divinity. In July 2010 I had to call 911 for the first time in my life – Mom was having a life-threatening heart af

Time Marches On (Poem)

TIME MARCHES ON By Karen Heaven Claffey Time marches on Stopping for no one; Moving slowly or quickly at will. Hours pass excruciating and sluggish at times, Flowing and fleeting at others. Even days safely suspended in sameness slip us by. Do you welcome life with joyful anticipation of what is yet to come? Or perhaps keep yourself in a state of acceptance, resigned contentment? Maybe, and not always, you are being dragged, heels dug in, pushing back the unknown, clinging to what was. Look outside - hours turn into weeks, weeks into seasons… seasons into ephemeral epochs, into eternity. Look inside - how you feel, think and perceive the world has altered, with each countless preciously sele

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